• endermologie® (Sold by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery)

endermologie® (Sold by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery)


Endermologie is excellent for most Body Contouring procedures. For post-operative patients, Endermologie helps you heal faster, getting you to look your best in a shorter amount of time while enjoying a soothing, massage-like treatment that helps heal the underlying tissues, stimulate circulation, and relax muscle tensions. You will leave each 35 minute session feeling calm and refreshed.

To reduce the appearance of cellulite you can sculpt your hidden curves, streamline your shape with soothing, stimulating treatments. The Cellu M6 Therapeutic Massagers have been cleared by the FDA to relieve muscle spasms, minor aches and pains and improves the appearance of cellulite and reduce body measurements of cellulite treated areas. Sessions are delivered in approximately 45 minutes on a weekly basis until results are achieved.