• ThermiVa® (Sold by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery)

ThermiVa® (Sold by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery)



The natural aging process, menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth can have drastic effects on women’s bodies. Of those changes, the ones that affect a woman’s femininity and intimate life can have some of the most far-reaching consequences. ThermiVa is an aesthetic device that reverses the effects of aging and childbirth on the vagina and vulva. By offering women a chance to improve their intimate life and their femininity, ThermiVa does more than rejuvenate the body; it helps women restore their sense of well-being and quality of life. The ThermiVa procedure is a gentle and painless way to address issues like incontinence, vulvovaginal laxity, overactive bladder, orgasmic dysfunction and atrophy. The FDA-approved ThermiVa uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to rebuild collagen in the vulva and the vaginal tissues. ThermiVa is a great option for women who want to reclaim their bodies without surgery or a long recovery.


  • Improved Urinary Control

  • Greater enjoyment of intercourse

  • Alleviation of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse

  • Aesthetic improvement

  • Comfort exercising or wearing tight fitting clothes

  • Renewed Confidence

  • Reduced Pelvic Pain

  • Alleviated Constant Itch in the Vulva (hyperplastic dystrophy)


By delivering radiofrequency energy to the tissues, ThermiVa can tighten and repair the tissues in the labia and vaginal canal. That energy stimulates production of collagen in the tissues, leading to a tightening and lifting effect. The radiofrequency energy can also do wonders for reducing dryness in the vaginal canal and labia, improving lubrication, reducing irritation, and enhancing sensation by affecting the nerves of the vaginal and labial tissues.


Patients find that they are able to engage in athletic activities with much more ease and have a more comfortable experience with intercourse. More importantly, patients also report an improved sex life thanks to an enhanced sensitivity and a tighter vaginal canal. Because it’s completely nonsurgical and non-ablative (doesn’t destroy tissue) ThermiVa is also unbelievably safe, requiring only a minimal downtime. ThermiVa uses a temperature controlled device that delivers a safe amount of energy to the tissues at all times.


The procedure is performed in about 30 minutes, and there is absolutely no downtime. Patients have reported improvement right away after the first treatment. Results do differ from patient to patient, but overall, patients report an effective treatment for certain medical conditions, an improved sex life, and a more aesthetically pleasing labia majora and minora. Two additional treatments that are spread out over a year are recommended for lasting results. ThermiVa works by delivering thermistor-regulated RF energy through a hand piece that is specifically designed for comfort. The wand heats the targeted area with radio frequency energy, so you will feel a warm, but painless sensation.


Women who have these conditions are excellent candidates for ThermiVa:

  • Dryness and irritation in the vagina or labia

  • Sexual dysfunction and difficulties with orgasm

  • Overly-large labia that prevents women from wearing certain clothing

  • Looseness or laxity in the vaginal canal

Patients who are suffering from a vaginal or bladder infection, have severe pain, have severe pelvic floor spasms, or suffer from vaginismus should not be receiving the ThermiVa treatment.

At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics, your comfort is our top priority. ThermiVa should only be performed by an extensive trained medical practitioner, so your treatment will be performed by our integrative practitioner Kristine Blanche. For more information on ThermiVa please contact us in Manhattan or Long Island.